What are Foreclosure Posting Lists?
In Texas, the public aspect of the foreclosure process begins when the trustees post properties for foreclosure at the county courthouse in which the property is located. This must be done at least 21 days before the auction. The auction is always on the first Tuesday of the month. 

What are R.E.O. (real estate owned) properties, also known as Bank Owned Properties or Sold Properties?
Rex Report also has lists of R.E.O. (real estate owned) properties, also known as Bank Owned Properties or Sold Properties. These are lists of properties that have been purchased by, among others, banks at the foreclosure auctions. This is quite simply the best listing of Sold Properties on the Internet. Rex subscribers find out about details of bank auction purchases before the banks officers even know! Since almost all Internet R.E.O. lists gather their lists from the banks, then they don't have the information either! Furthermore, not all lenders make their auction purchase information available to these lists. Rex Report has our researchers at the auction. Don't buy incomplete, dated, R.E.O. lists! 

Rex Report has Sold lists only for Bexar, Travis and Williamson Counties, the most populous counties in central Texas. 

What is the Sort Function?
The optional Sort Function enables the user to arrange the postings to your specific requirements. For example, you may want properties that were purchased longest ago to appear first in the listings. Select "Executed" as the desired sort and "Ascending" as the order, and the properties will be sorted with the oldest property purchased first in the list. 

What is the Filter Function?
Not every property posting can lead to a good deal. The Filter Function can either include the desired statistic or can discard an undesired statistic. You can weed out undesirable ZIP codes, (by using "<>", or, "not equal to"), or any statistic item on the list. In the above example for sorting the oldest properties, you can also select the oldest properties by specfiying "Executed", and "<" (less than), then enter a date (follow the mm/dd/yyyy format), and only the properties that were purchased before that date will be shown. 

You can also include specific statistics by using the "=", the ">=" sign, or any of the many choices available to you. If you'd like properties with the assessed values over a certain value, use the ">", or Greater Than function, and then any value you wish. 

This filtering process can be repeated and refined as many times as you wish.  

What do the abbreviations under "Type of Notes" mean?
Abrev. Description
2ND Second Lien
AD VAL Ad Valorem - Property Texes
C/F Conventional w/ Fannie Mae
CFD Contract for Deed
CV Conventional
FHA Federal Housing Authority
HOA Home Owners Association Fees
HOM EQ Home Equity Lien
ML Mechanics Lien
VA Veterans Administration
WRP Wrap Around Note

What do the abbreviations under "Usage" mean?
Usage Category Description
APT CM Commercial - Apt House
CM CM Commercial
EXM - Exempt
M/F M/F Multi-Family
MLOT VL Vacant Land w/ MH Setup
MOB RES Residential w/ Mobile Home
RES RES Residential
T&C T&C Townhouse & Condominium
VL VL Vacant Land

what do the headings at the top of the pages mean?
"These are also the choices in the sort and criteria functions."
ADDRESS (PROPERTY) -  : Street Address of Property with ZIP Code.
AMOUNT : Original amount of the loan
ASSESSMENT Value of the property per the county appraisal district. 
BED / BATH / HALF : Number of Bedrooms, Baths and Half Baths in the dwelling
CH# : Courthouse Number of the Foreclosure Notice
CNT : Number of times property has previously been foreclosed
CURRENT OWNERS : Current Owners Name and Address
NAME AND ADDRESS per the county appraisal district
DATE : Date the Deed of Trust being foreclosed was made
INT : Interest Rate of the loan
LEGAL DESCRIPTION : Legal description of the property, Lot, Block and NCB or CB
LOTSORT# : The posting number as listed in the Lotsort Book
MAP : Mapsco Grid Coordinates
MORTGAGEE (LENDER) : Lien Holder of the note being foreclosed
MORTGAGOR (ORIGINAL) : Original maker of Deed of Trust being foreclosed
NO : Numerical number of the postings
PAYMENTS : Monthly payment of the principal and interest
PC : Property Category eg: residential, townhouses & condominiums, multi-family, commercial and land
PREVPOST : Date of the last foreclosing of this property
SALE TIME : Beginning of a 3 -hour time window when the sale of this property will be held
SQUARE FEET : Living Area of dwelling (s) on the property
SUBDIVISION : Subdivision where the property is located
TAX ID : Tax Appraisal District's Identification of the property
TRUSTEE : Person appointed to conduct the foreclosure sale
TYPE : Type of loan, i.e. FHA, VA, Conventional, etc.
TYPESORT# : The posting number as listed in the Type Sort Book
VOLUME/PAGE : Volume and Page where the deed of trust was recorded
YEARS : Length of the note

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