The “Other Liens” of the Report lists liens that our researchers run across in the course of their primary research.
It is a passive search that is by no means complete.
A complete search would by prohibitively time consuming for a “timely” report.

The material published in this report is for the sole and exclusive use of subscribers to this publication. All information contained herein has been taken from public sources. Real Estate Foreclosures (REF) cannot completely guarantee the accuracy of all information or the complete absence of omissions or errors. Hence, no responsibility for the same is implied or assumed. Any inaccuracy or omission should be brought promptly to our attention so that proper corrections can be made. No part of this report may be used in a court of law without the written permission of REF, which said permission will not be withheld from paid subscribers, from that period of time, for their sole use and benefit.

No part of this publication may be reproduced or processed in any form or by any means, including without limitation, xerography, photocopying, or information storage and retrieval systems for personal or company use or resale without prior written permission from REF. An agent of REF, as a courtesy to users of our reports only, appears at the foreclosure sale and calls out the identification number of the property. Subscribers and buyers at the auction / sale are hereby notified REF does not warrant, guarantee or in any represent that an agent or employee of REF will actually be present at every auction / sale and or that the correct numbers associated with each property will actually be called out, by an agent or employee of REF. REF has taken steps within the publication to detect copyright infringements.

Real Estate Foreclosures offers an educational material to investors and the general public to explain the use of the publications for which Real Estate Foreclosures also charges a fee. Included in the education is information relating to the method and means of investing in foreclosure housing, methods of obtaining by purchase or other means houses that are foreclosed by lenders through their deeds of trust, and warnings to the investors of what they may encounter in the purchase process. The processes covered by the Real Estate Foreclosures include pre-foreclosure purchases, purchases at the foreclosure sales, and purchases after foreclosure sales from lenders. Our material is not intended to answer all questions about purchases of houses that are being foreclosed upon by lenders, nor is it intended to guarantee that if the information is used that any person or entity will profit from their investment.

Real estate Foreclosures are only providing an overview of the purchase process and showing the web users that they should attempt to reduce their risk in the investment process. Although some issues of risk reduction may be addressed on the web, the users of the hereby acknowledge the inherent risks of investment in foreclosure properties. Real Estate Foreclosures, its agents, employees, and assigns do not warrant that any investor shall profit from the information given in the seminars and that there is no risk in the investment process of the attendees. The undersigned attendee hereby acknowledges that the web site is presented for informational purposes only and that no legal advice is being given. The user further agrees that he or she waives all liability of Real Estate Foreclosures, it’s lecturers and agents for any legal claims, whether based in part or whole, for any reason whatsoever arising out of the statements made by Real Estate Foreclosures’ lecturers, agents, web site or assigns. The undersigned attendee and his or her agents or assigns further agrees to indemnify (agrees to protect from individual or joint claims against Real Estate Foreclosures, its agents or assigns) and hold harmless Real Estate Foreclosures, its agents and assigns (agrees not to make a claim or join in a claim against Real Estate Foreclosures, its agents or assigns) for any claim from any person or entity arising out of his or her investment business or application of the information the user receives from the web site provided by Real Estate Foreclosures, its agents or assigns.

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