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Posted reports are the most popular foreclosures lists. Posted means properties that have been posted for foreclosures auction on the first Tuesday of the month. These lists are used by preforeclosure investors and by investors at the auction. These are non-judicial (bank) foreclosures.
A complete list of properties posted for foreclosure that are Commercial or Vacant Land. This list has every County that RexReport covers including the greater San Antonio and Austin areas, along with Webb County and Nueces County. Popular with Commercial Brokers. These are non-judicial (bank) foreclosures.
An alert list designed for Real Estate agents. Informs agents of all property addresses that have been posted. Many homeowners fail to notify their listing agent that their home has been posted for foreclosure. This list alerts the agent so that appropriate marketing, showing, negotiating and closing changes can be made. This very affordable list omits many data fields that can be found in regular Posted Reports including zip codes. These are non-judicial (bank) foreclosures.
  SOLD (R.E.O.'S)
Most properties sold at foreclosure auctions are bought by banks. This is the fastest and most complete list of R.E.O. properties (Real Estate Owned). Our groups of reporters gather what properties sold to whom and for how much. Investors use this list to contact banks to make prompt offers on properties, and to monitor the foreclosure market. These are non-judicial (bank) foreclosure sales.
Most posted properties are not sold on the courthouse steps. Many of these properties are still in distress and excellent candidates for private sales. The list is also used by investors to monitor the foreclosure market. This new report has a low get acquainted price. These are non-judicial (bank) postings of foreclosures that did not sell at the courthouse auction.

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